KEN Academy 2020-2021

Why should you bring your child to the KEN Academy program?

Simple! This is the most complex KEN program, dedicated to courageous children that have entrepreneurial spirit, aged 8 to 13.

We know that entrepreneurial and financial education has already become mandatory in our children’s life in order to help them build their own future. 

We live in a world where temptations are everywhere, credit cards can be obtained in a second, shopping is at a click away, the professions of the future are still not clearly defined, competition is growing, the world is in a permanent change and innovation has an accelerated growth rhythm. 

How can we prepare our children?  

The solution is simple: to develop a set of life abilities and an entrepreneurial mindset in our children that will help them embrace all these challenges, no matter what they will choose to do.

For whom is this program suitable?

For us, all the parents that desire children that have trust in themselves, that are courageous, innovative, adaptable and that take action and transform dreams into projects in order to become financially independent. 

For all the children that are courageous and with entrepreneurial spirit, that want to create their own life path, that have project ideas and initiative. For those that dream to have a business or for those who simply desire to be a smart consumer. 

Here are some testimonials from the children that are already in KEN Academy:

Why should you choose this program?

  • It has a 100% PRACTICAL CURRICULUM. We believe in the development of practical skills, that will help the children to handle any situation. The sessions are rich in interactive activities and experiential games adapted to their age.  
  • The kids meet ENTREPRENEURS and SPECIALISTS that share their entrepreneurial story and tips & tricks from their professional 
  • The kids organize and run SALE FAIRS where they practice experiential elements of the marketing mix, sale and communication abilities, the value of teamwork. Moreover, the profit is theirs!
  • The kids have VISITS in ORGANIZATIONS in order to see how a business works, what are their challenges, what are the roles and activities. 
  • The kids develop practical ENTREPRENEURIAL ABILITIES that will help them in life, in personal/ scholar relations. They learn to manage anything, whether it is the ability to organize their money, to make decisions, to find a solution,  to work in a team or to give a presentation. 
  • The kids gain BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE and understand that they can develop entrepreneurial projects
  • The kids will develop a BUSINESS PLAN and they will present it in front of a jury composed of entrepreneurs
  • It takes place over the whole SCHOOL YEAR, september 2020 – june 2021, in order to ensure maturity and coherence to the educational process, as well as gaining a set of solid skills

How is the OFFLINE - KEN Academy program structured?

Because we desire the children to gain abilities and develop competencies for life, we have built a 3-steps educational program that takes place over 3 years. 

The parent and the child can choose together if the child will go through the entire journey or he will stop at an intermediary point (for example, after the first year). The trainer has a consultant role and will make the optimate recommendation. Also, in case of a break, the child can return in the program afterwards in order to deepen and strengthen the entrepreneurial knowledge. He will be evaluated by a KEN trainer and will be proposed the proper level of education.

In the first year of study, children become familiar with the basic concepts of a business and learn that they can develop entrepreneurial projects from which they earn money.

Also, they find out what their strengths are and what it means to work in a team.

At the ending of this learning year, the children:

  • Acquire a basic level of business knowledge: what is an entrepreneur, what is a business, what are the basic elements of a business (product, promotion, price, location), what forms a brand, how to build a budget
  • Know more about what money is and how to manage it effectively 
  • Have trained a set of essential entrepreneurial skills – teamwork, presentation and communication skills, sales techniques, creative thinking through brainstorming, goal setting
  • Are exposed to the interaction with the market and thus develop their initiative and autonomy
  • Gain knowledge about how to organize and manage a business, but also a business as a whole (through visits to various companies)
  • Have the first sales experiences, and from one event to another, they go from an intuitive to a conscious sale
  • Develop their self-confidence, their own potential and their dream.

In the second year of study, children develop their autonomy in planning and developing entrepreneurial projects. At the same time, they gain more confidence in their own strengths and those of the team.

Through interactive activities and age-appropriate games, children:

  • Become familiar with the Business Model Generation Canvas model: value proposition, customer profiling, customer relationship, key partners, key activities, key resources, distribution channels, cost structure, revenue.
  • Discover a set of business tools such as SWOT analysis, pitching, Social Media, customer journey, negotiation techniques, personal branding & storytelling, commercial
  • Deepen key entrepreneurial skills – teamwork, presentation and communication skills, sales, side thinking, time management, medium and long term thinking, setting priorities, empathy with others and customers, Win-Win thinking

The third year of study is dedicated to children who graduated the first 2 years of KEN Academy and who want to create a micro-business. 

KEN Business is a business incubator – a learning path created to take entrepreneurial children from an idea to a functional business.

The stages they go through are: defining the idea, developing the business model CANVAS, testing the feasibility of the product in the market, developing partnerships, communicating and promoting offline and online, product distribution.

In every stage, the little entrepreneurs supported and guided by a mentor, take on challenges that are fundamental for their learning process and for the development of the business.   

Detalii organizatorice:

  • The module contains 37 sessions of 100 minutes, once a week
  • Period of the module: 28.09.2020 – 18.06.2021
  • Groups of 8 – 12 participants
  • Age categories: 8  – 10 years old and 10 – 13 years old
  • Interactive teaching facilitated by a KEN trainer
  • Location: you can choose the most suitable option: KEN Academy Center or TOWER CENTER INTERNATIONAL
  • The children receive a Learning Journal (resources and worksheets)
  • Participation fee: 5800 lei (1200 euro). The fee can be paid in 3 installments or in one (with a benefit of a 10% reduction)


Choose the  OFFLINE – KEN Academy program and help your child discover the world of entrepreneurship and understand that he can be financially independent through the creation of projects that bring added value!

It is a kind a o learning that prepares the children for any future experience/ choice that they propose in their personal path.  


The educational program for the 2020 – 2021 year will start of the 28th of SEPTEMBER.

Registrations and details at: / 0723.600.341

The registration in the module is conditioned by the signing of the contract and the payment of the fee.

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