Our mission and values

KEN Academy is the first and most complex financial and entrepreneurial educational program in Romania, dedicated to children between the ages of 7 and 13.

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We already know that entrepreneurial and financial education in the development of our children has already become mandatory, in helping them adapt to life's challenges and in building their own path in a healthy way.

We believe that socio-emotional development is just as important as cognitive development

Through the socio-emotional and cognitive development of children, we believe that everyone is stimulated to discover their talent and to strive towards reaching their maximum potential.

We believe in practice and action

The novelty brought by KEN Academy is the applied component of the program, through which we connect the child's needs with real aspects of life.

Based on the "learning by doing" principle, the curriculum is 100% practical and pragmatic:

  • Interactive activities and experiential games adapted to their age group
  • Special guests – entrepreneurs/specialists who share their experience
  • Visits to organizations – intended to help children understand business concepts
  • Sale fairs – events are organized and run by children. It is the most appropriate way to experientially learn the elements of the marketing mix, to develop sales and communication skills, to discover the value of teamwork. Besides, the profit is theirs!
  • Interaction with a community of entrepreneurs – children and adults

We believe in the balance between knowledge and skills

We want the little ones to acquire both a set of business knowledge, and also habits and POWERS to excel.

In order to deepen the educational process and the child's autonomy over his own learning process, the KEN program is carried out throughout the school year, in parallel to the classical education system.

We believe in flexibility: ONLINE and OFFLINE

The KEN Academy educational program can already be accessed OFFLINE for 8 years, and from this year also ONLINE.


In the first year of study, children acquire a basic level of financial and business knowledge (4P), as well as a set of essential entrepreneurial skills.

In the second year of study, children become familiar with the Business Model Canvas and a set of business tools, and deepen key entrepreneurial skills.

Year III works as a "business incubator" when our kids work on the best business ideas. These are encouraged, supported and transformed into micro-businesses


The year 2020 meant overcoming geographical boundaries and moving classrooms into a virtual environment, on ZOOM and Google classroom platforms.

For ONLINE learning, the curriculum is also practical and interactive, with many invited entrepreneurs and specialists.

ONLINE educational programs run throughout the school year in 70-minute sessions, once a week. The parents and kids can choose one or both programs:

The children go on a 9-month journey, during which they become familiar with how to organize and manage a business and learn to build their own business.

Made up of 4 modules, independent and interdependent, which take place over the course of a school year. Children develop a range of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge that will help them become the entrepreneurs of their own lives. Learn to make wise decisions, be confident and innovative, adapt, take action to turn dreams into real projects.

To date, more than 3,400 children have graduated from one of the KEN Academy programs.

We promise we won't stop here. There are more learning adventures ahead where children will discover how they can shape their future through entrepreneurship educational courses and workshops.

In this way, they will develop life and leadership skills and prepare for everything that the ever-changing society in which they live has in store for them.