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100% practical and fun

We believe 100% in developing practical skills that will help children thrive anywhere.
Sessions are weekly, rich in interactive activities and age-appropriate experiential games.

Entrepreneurs and invited specialists

Young entrepreneurs and specialists share with children their entrepreneurial story and tips & tricks from their professional experience.

A community of entrepreneurial children

Children have the opportunity to meet and talk with other children who have the same entrepreneurial passions or who have developed business projects.

Kid Entrepreneurs' Fairs

Children organize and run their own sales fairs, thus experientially practicing the elements of the marketing mix, sales and communication skills, the value of teamwork. Not to mention, the profit is theirs to keep!

Visits to organizations

The children visit various companies and get to see how a business works, what the challenges are, what roles exist and what activities are.

Multiple intelligence

We combine the development of business knowledge with that of practical, day-to-day skills. These will help children in life, in personal / school relationships. They learn to manage, whether it's organizing their money, making decisions, finding a solution, working in a team or giving a presentation.


Because we, as parents, want self-confident, brave, innovative children who take action and turn their dreams into projects. We want them to think, to look for solutions, to be able to work in a team, give presentations and to proudly introduce themselves.

That's what we do at KEN: we equip them with a set of skills and knowledge for real life.

Why bring your child to Ken Academy


What KEN kids and parents are saying

Probably one of the most valuable clubs among the choices I made for Vlad, and in terms of experience, knowledge and a focused mindset aimed at being better. For Vlad, definitely one of the funnest experiences - always excited and involved in everything that happens at KEN!

Georgiana Zamfirescu

I did a crash course on Social Media and Leadership. These courses were very important to me because they were super nice, very interactive. They helped me learn to be a better leader and how to handle social media. KEN Academy helps me a lot in life: how to start my own business and how to be a good leader, how to manage money. I love KEN Academy!


Thank you, Ken Academy for your contribution to educating the community of young entrepreneurs! As a parent I am constantly interested in alternative education, real practical skills that are acquired in a fun way. In the last 2 years, Andru participated in entrepreneurship courses, summer camps or projects for Christmas or Children's Day fairs. Made many new friends in the community, had fun and worked on individual and team projects. He became more confident and better prepared for life!

Andrei Teodorescu

Andrei Teodorescu
I have been at KEN for 4 years. I like it because I feel it helps you for the future and it's fun and we do a lot of activities that are useful in life.


Thea was so excited about everything that happened in this program. First, she became more confident. Then she became aware of her power to face any challenge, she learned that hard work and perseverance make you strong, she learned that team and teamwork make activities easier, and dividing tasks makes work easier and reduces work time, so that results appear faster.

Oana Raluca Olinici

I like the Social Media course because it helps me a lot to be careful with who I connect with on the internet. At my age, a lot of people are starting to go online and I think they should be safe, because there are people here who can hurt them.


For us parents, the Ken program was high on our girls' agenda. The results were not expected. First, enthusiasm and self-confidence during the program. The children were able to complete projects with measurable results. Second, after the program, the children acquired a different attitude about the external economic environment. Today they know how to appreciate the initiative, the results, but above all, the value of a product or service, just like in real life, extremely useful in their education.

Dragos Petrescu

“First of all, the attitude of my girls (10 and 12 years old) has changed in terms of understanding the relationship between money and services/products. Secondly, they manifest themselves more openly in "out of the box" situations, today they are able to promote a sale and support their point of view in front of strangers without reservations."   


I like that they fix business principles and concepts, gain courage to speak in public.

Simona Gheorghe

He told me very excitedly about all the experiences in the camp. He said he also wants it in the fall. I feel him more involved. He always asks me what expenses we have when we go shopping and makes sure we stick to the list. I've never seen him like this before.


I recommend both Ken camps and Ken courses. Preparing children for adult life from a financial point of view is more correctly positioned and explained than if it were done by the parents. Then, combining these child training techniques with play techniques, projections, communications is exceptional.


Thank you, you were amazing! I could also add a heartfelt thank you to the whole team, for the way you give wings to the children, because it's a big thing to be able to have peace of mind, as a parent, to trust that everything is managed in the most responsible way possible. Congratulations for the initiative and ideas!


Thank you, you were amazing! I could also add a heartfelt thank you to the whole team, for the way you give wings to the children, because it's a big thing to be able to have peace of mind, as a parent, to trust that everything is managed in the most responsible way possible. Congratulations for the initiative and ideas!

Laura Avramescu

So, after the first semester at KEN, the results are as follows: My daughter asks the shopkeeper at her school how many types of water he sells and how much profit he makes from the sales. She also notices (while walking around the mall) that a new ice cream vendor may pose a competitive threat to the current ice cream vendor already popular in the mall. Imagine that! When I was her age, the only thing I did at the ice cream stand was ask for a cone and two scoops!”

Lyria Themo

Tudor simply doesn't want to miss a single Ken session, and once even postponed going on a short vacation so he could attend. After 1 year of Ken, Tudor became more responsible, more motivated to put effort into activities that do not necessarily have an immediate "gratification", and more organized in terms of developing strategies. Obviously, he learned concepts of business, market, costs, etc. very easily. All in all, Ken is a success for him. And for us.

Alina Vîlcu

Alina Vilcu

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Do It Yourself Education

Continue the journey of learning at home too!

KEN Academy welcomes you with the free Do It Yourself Education program, which offers your family a useful activity for the future and, at the same time, fun. DIY Education is a learning tool for children and parents that can be used as a starting point in exploring entrepreneurship education. Together we can make a bigger impact than any of us could on our own!

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