KEN Business

What is Ken Business?

KEN Business is a business incubator, a learning roadmap created to take participants from the idea stage through to the actual functioning business.

Children come up with their own ideas and are assisted by their very own Business Angel, a mentor helping them turn dreams into reality.

For whom is this program appropriate?

This program is dedicated exclusively to Ken Academy curriculum graduates curious to start a small business.

How does it work?

The stages the Ken kids work through are: defining their idea, creating a business plan using a Canvas (business model generation), seting up the start-up and its development.

Through every step, the young entrepreneurs are guided and assisted by their business angel. Kids are encouraged to take on the provocations related to the entire process, its learning curve and to grow as the business grows.

The team develops the project as per Ken Academy’s methodology, building a business plan, testing its feasibility and the product’s viability on the market, they search for partners and partake in discussions, building and managing communication and promoting the service or product on and off-line, studying distribution possibilities, truly applying all they have learned and putting it into practice.

So that the children’s ideas can begin to take shape and turn into a business project, Ken Institute offers the logistical support and know-how. Our young participants are allocated a mentor, successful entrepreneurs that can introduce the aspiring business planners a real-life context so that they can apply everything they have learned. By visiting companies, meeting professionals, learning about specific, related themes, studying resources, the program offers invaluable lessons and experiences!

What is the program’s structure?

The Ken Business Program means to complete what traditional education is lacking.

Meetings are held once a week, in 90 minute sessions but also on-line using applications like Skype between members and their mentor.

Activities are kept in safe environments where children feel that they can make mistakes and learn naturally, giving them freedom and the possibility to take responsibility for their actions. This framework is set up this way so that their process of learning is accelerated and that they can evolve consciously and personally in a harmonious manner but on a mature platform.

This type of learning gives way for children to prepare for varied experiences and future life-choices.

Why do kids want to reach for this program?

They have answered this question for us, time and time again! Through this program they can show their parents and friends that by working in teams and by forming relationships and partnerships, they can transform their abilities and their own ideas into valuable projects that can make them famous and independent!

What is the first business to come out of the Ken incubator?

Khocolate MADE by Kids

During the first two years of the Ken Academy program, the kids have gained o solid knowledge base, such as: the Canvas business model generation, leadership skills, teamwork as a means, negotiating, sales processes and opportunity stages, presentation tips, budgeting a project, etc. The kids by this point have visited different business models (production, distribution, retail). After following the two-year program, children were finally capable of defining their dream project: a homemade chocolate bar, dedicated to kids, made with natural ingredients and a variety of recipes, some with fruits and other toppings.

KEN Business, through Khocolate MADE by Kids is a program that has evolved through experiential learning and offers children the possibility to experiment with their own start-ups and enjoy their own debut in the real world.

Here is their story:

Khocolate MADE


We’re Morgan, Alex2, Dani and Esra and we are the makers of Ken MADE Khocolate.

We met 3 years ago, 5 kids and a common dream, that of owning our own ciocolate business. It all started with a Canvas and the headache it gave us! Then, we began to play around with ingredients and we finally came up with our own recipe. We wrapped each piece with love and started to tell everyone about it.

It’s been a long road, we’ve learned so many things and now we’re just happy that our dream is your happiness while enjoying our chocolate. By the way, have you tasted MADE chocolate?

The Future

Sounds promising! We’re preparing for our next generation of entrepreneurs to enter into the incubator stage, to test what they’ve learned, to learn from their mistakes, to take pride in their work and project!

The Lemon Coolers: “fresh, cool, The Lemon Coolers’ lemonade…So cool!

Our dream:

We at Ken Academy want to partake in their growth process, helping parents and society to raise responsible, conscious individuals, aware and positive, capable of becoming worthy members of society!

The kids want to grow to be independent and to enjoy their fame!

With the Ken incubator, we are very well on our way to doing both!

As parents, we believe, you want the same thing!


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