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Introductory program in entrepreneurship and financial education

KEN Start is a basic program of entrepreneurial and financial education for children developed by KEN Academy for children aged 8-13. Within the program, we aim to strengthen the child's spirit of initiative and the confidence that he has the ability to develop entrepreneurial projects.


Children learn: The real life of entrepreneurship!

  • as much as possible about money and how to manage it effectively;
  • what are the functions of money: economy/ spending/ investment/ donation;
  • what is a project initiative (entrepreneurship and the elements of a business);
  • the importance of teamwork and assuming roles;
  • the marketing mix;
  • product;
  • the difference between product and image: brand, logo, slogan;
  • promotion;
  • distribution channels / location;
  • sale price; income, expenses, profit;
  • selling techniques;
  • teamwork, sales, communication skills.

At the end of the program, the children will build, as a team, a business plan based on the marketing mix (product, placement, promotion, price).


  1. Experiential course sessions;
  2. Visits to the organization: to better understand the world of money, we will visit the bank;
  3. Applied sessions:
  • Event at the restaurant– To understand the concept and structure of the "restaurant" business (product, services, customer relationship, team coordination, discipline), children will take the positions of cooks (pizza) and waiters, in a unique experience of serving in a real restaurant with real utensils and dishes. The tips are theirs!
  • Sale fair– The event will be organized and run by children. The purpose of this component is to experientially learn the 4 P's of the marketing mix. It is also the most appropriate way to develop sales and negotiation, presentation, communication and service delivery skills. During the event, they will understand the roles in the team and the importance of discipline, respect and collaboration with teammates. In addition, the profit is theirs!
  • "At the estate" event- outing to the orchard in the community of entrepreneurial children; event with the entire community of small entrepreneurs KEN Academy, organized at an orchard near Bucharest;

Course sessions place once a week, have a duration of 90 minutes and include pleasant and dynamic activities, according to the principle of experiential learning.

Applied sessions (restaurant; sales fair) they take place over a period of 180 minutes and are run by the children and coordinated by the KEN Academy trainer.

registrations, can be done at the phone numbers: 0723 600 341 / 0742 225 406 or at the email addresses /


Start Time

12:00 am

October 1, 2018

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12:00 am

May 15, 2019


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