KEN Start

Basis of entrepreneurial and financial education

Ken Start is a basic, two-month long, program of entrepreneurial and financial education for children between 8 and 13 years old, organized by the entrepreneurship school KEN Academy.

The goal of the program is to enhance the child’s initiative and confidence in his/her capacity of developing entrepreneurial projects.

Until the end of the program, the children, either in teams or individually, will put up a business plan using the marketing mix (product, placement, promotion, price) and will learn:

  • as much as possible about money and how it can be efficiently managed;
  • what are the money functions: saving/ spending/ investing/ donating;
  • the employee’s profile versus the entrepreneur’s profile
  • a business components;
  • the components of the marketing mix: (product, placement, promotion, price;
  • about planning abilities and tools;
  • about sales and negotiation abilities


The program is build up on two main components:

  • theoretical sessions;
  • marketing and sales sessions.

The 90-minute longtheoretical sessionstake place once a week and include pleasant and dynamic activities, according to the experiential learning principal. Discovery, game, experimentation and interaction are part of the fundamental mix offered by our School.

The 180-minute long sales sessionisorganized by the children and coordinatedby the KEN Academy trainer. During this stage, assisted marketing or promotion activities take place, children using their own or previously purchased objects. The purpose of this component is for children to understand the meaning and utility of the marketing four Ps (product, price, promotion and placement), but also negotiation and sales activities, communication and services providing skills.



Entrepreneurial and financial education

Course timing:

13 Oct. – 08 Dec.;
09 Febr. – 06 Apr.;
20 Apr. – 15June;

Course hours:

17:00 – 18:30

Class day:

To be set with participants

Theoretical session durations:

90 minutes

Sales session duration:

180 minutes

Classes periodicity:

once/ week

Sales sessions periodicity:

once/ weekend

Minimal Age:

8 year old

Maximal Age:

13 years old

Registration fee:

250 Euro /program (31 euro / session)


2A Jiului St. / partner company

Maximum no. of students:


The course fee includes:

  • Sessions participation
  • Handouts
  • Student evaluation chart
  • Participation diploma
  • Snacks for children


Entrepreneurial and financial education


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