KEN Money

Money is a resource that children will use during their entire life, thus the quicker they learn about it, what it is and how it can be efficiently managed, the better.


KEN Money is a financial educational program helping children aged between 7 and 12 to discover the fascinating money World: what is money, how do we use it, what are the money functions: saving, spending, investing and donating (charity).

Through KEN Money, we aim atraising children’s financial and social responsibilities. The goal of the program is to help children develop their financial concerned decision taking apparatus and develop their autonomy and a health financial future altogether.


At the end of the program, children will know:

  • as much as possible about money: what it is, how do we earn it, what to do with it;
  • what are the money functions: saving/ spending/ investing/ donating;
  • to manage money efficiently, understanding that it represents a limited resource;
  • the difference between need and want;
  • to set financial goals for themselves and develop an economy plan;
  • about “the bank” and banking products;
  • how to use:
    • the decision chart in order to take smart decisions;
    • the money journal, in order to register income, spending, savings (interest), donations;
    • analysis of the opportunity cost.



Entrepreneurial and financial education

Course timing:

01 Oct – 01 Nov;
17 Nov – 15 Dec;
09 Febr – 09 March ;
16 March – 10 Apr;
04 May – 01 June;

Class hours:

17:00 – 18:30

Class day:

To be set with participants

Class duration:

90 minute


once/ week

No. of sessions


Minimal age:

7 years old

Maximal age:

12 years old

Registration fee:

100 Euro /program (25 euro / 90 min session)


2A Jiului St./ partner company

Maximum no. of students:


The course fee includes:

  • Sessions participation
  • Handouts
  • Student evaluation chart
  • Participation diploma
  • Snacks for children
+40 723 600 341/ +40 742 225 406

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