About KEN Academy

KEN Academy is a complex entrepreneurial and financial educational program that addresses children aged between 7 and 13. The program is provided by the Romanian non-profit organization KEN Institute and is based in Bucharest


The novelty of the KEN program lies within its applied component of visiting companies and production units with the purpose of understanding the way they function, and also of acquiring information directly from reputable entrepreneurs: managers, leaders and successful people from within the community.

Within the KEN program, through sales processes, children can experiment by creating projects of their own; they come into emotional contact with the market, with customers and learn about the value of teamwork.


KEN Academy through KEN Business program is also a Business Incubator where the children best business ideas are encouraged and supported.

Over 2100 children have graduated one of the programs of the Academy until now: KEN Start, KEN Academy, KEN Money or KEN Business.




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