KEN Academy

Entrepreneurial and financial educational program

KEN Academy, the most complex program offered by KEN Institute Association, is dedicated to brave children aged between 8 and 13, who have entrepreneurial interests. In order to make the program easier to grasp for children, we created an analogy with the process of planting and growing a fruit tree. The children are the seeds we plant and harvest so they can gradually reach subsequent level of development:


 The 1st Stage: ”The Root”

–  We acquire a basic level of business knowledge: money, business, incomeversus profit, marketing mix: product, place, price, promotion; planning and time management etc.
–  We start following “The Pen’s Road” with stops at: Top Office, Kanara Print, Transilvania Bank;

–  First sales experiences

The 2nd Stage: “The Offshoot”

–  We get accustomed with the generic business model CANVAS and explore some of the components: product/ service, clients, relationship with clients, distribution channel;

–  We pursue “The Pen’s Road”: RTC,

–  Diverta;

–  Organize sales eventsmeant to develop children’s sales and negotiation abilities; children take the step from intuitive sales to conscious sales;

The 3rd Stage: “The Flower Tree”

–  We pursue the CANVAS:

–  Key activities and resources, key-partners;

–  We start “The Juice Road”:

–  Granini, Tibett Logistics, Caru’ cu Bere;

–  We emphasize a series of

–  Warren Buffett’s business principles: respect the others in order to be respected, act ethically and be upright;

–  Children become “entrepreneurs” when planning and organizing their little businesses and sales events;

The 4th Stage: “The Fruit Tree”

–  Children are introduced in the realm of financial abilities: “investment chart”, “accounting chart”;

–  We close up ”The Juice Road” by visiting Billa;

– We invite entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the children;

–  Organized in teams, children work on projects business proposals that they present in front of their parents;


At the end of the program, the child will:

  • Know what a business is, how it is organized and how it works;
  • Understand the specific of different business models: production, distribution, retail;
  • Become acquainted with some well-known business tools: CANVAS, the marketing mix: product, price, promotion, placement;
  • Will know more about money and how it can be efficiently managed;
  • Will train his/ her team work, sales and negotiation, presenting and public speaking abilities;
  • Will get exposed to market interaction and will develop his/ her initiative and autonomy;
  • Will be able to plan and organize a business;
  • Will enhance his/ her self-confidence, trust one’s own capabilities and dream.


The program is structured into three main components:

  • Theoretical sessions;
  • Visiting companies and production units;
  • Marketing and sales events.

Theoretical classes and company visits take place weekly according to the objectives of the course. Both, classes and activities (company visits) take 90 minutes. Visits are planned as “roads”, in order for children to be able to logically follow “the journey” of a product that must not miss a few important “stops”: production – distribution – retail. The company visits are supported by our key partners: RTC, Diverta, Granini, Tibett Logistics, Billa Romania, City Grill, Caru’cuBere, TrattoriaBuongiorno, Hanu’Berarilor, CaImmo, Kanara Print etc.

The marketing and sales sessionis prepared in advance by children and coordinated by KEN Academy trainers. It consists in marketing and assisted sales or promotion of different products, belonging to the children (brought from home by them), or previously bought. The purpose of this component is that of children getting familiarized with planning and organizing their own businesses by using the marketing mix (the four Ps: product, price, promotion and placement). Through this experiential component, children also develop their sales, negotiation, communication and presenting techniques.



Entrepreneurial and financial education

Start date: October 1st
Finish date: June 20th
Class hours: 17:00 – 18:30
Class day: To be set with participants
Theoretical session duration: 90 minutes
Sales session duration: 180 minute
Course periodicity: Once a week
Sales session periodicity Once a month
Age for ”little group”: 8 – 10 years old
Age for “big group”: 10 – 13 years old
Registration fee: 1,575 Euro /program / year (37,5 euro / /session)
Location: 2A Jiului St./ partner company
Maximum no. of students: 15
The course fee includes:
  • Sessions participation
  • Handouts
  • Student evaluation chart
  • Participation diploma
  • Snacks for children
+40 723 600 341/ +40 742 225 406
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