Hou can you support KEN Academy

Dear sympathizers and supporters

In case you agree to redirect 2% of income tax towards the Association KEN Institute, please complete Form 230 (for individuals) or Form 200 (for freelancers / PFA – Authorized Physical Person).

Completing the form takes only 2 minutes, but the satisfaction that you have helped is permanent.

Form 230 – if the income is only made from salary. Fill in identification data(section I) and signature.

Form 200 – the statement is filed in by the tax payers that operate individually and/ oras part of an association without legal personality, formed among individuals who have chosen for the determination of net income in real system, based on data from simple book keeping.

By the 25th of May 2014, the form should be sent to the Financial Administration by email, with registered letter, or should be directly deposited at the Financial Administration.

We provide you full support to facilitate the submission of the form.

If you agree, we propose you to let us take care of depositing the forms to the Financial Administration.

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